Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Potluck Meals and Cajun Reels

Two years ago I attended my first of several meetings with the Salt Lake Area Accordion Club. It cost $7 to go and included a potluck meal and an accordion concert. If you went early you could play your accordion with any of the other attendees who brought their accordions.

I was the youngest person there by at least 15 years (unless you count people dragged there by parents).

It had the feeling of a church activity. In 1950.

It was fun and I realized that since I stopped being a missionary, I hadn't really interacted with old people in a long time.

Here's a list of highlights from those meetings:
1. I once went with my friend Daniela who is black, but not very dark. An old man asked her with genuine interest and curiosity what race she is.

2. Ralph, a German who runs an accordion shop out of his house in Sandy, appraised my accordion at $300 and told me about how to take care of it. "Accordions last longer if they are played regularly, so PRACTICE". He punched me quite hard in the shoulder as he said the first syllable of the last word.

3. I watched several people play electronic accordions which are, in my opinion, a terrible invention.

4. Lil' smokies.

Anyway, I was sad to learn earlier this summer that the group is now defunct. They sent me a link to the last monthly newsletter which features a sort of goodbye, thanks, and you damn well better be grateful from Jay and Janet Todd, the two program directors who are married to each other.

Anyway, this probably means its time for me to start taking lessons. Janet teaches lessons but they're expensive. Maybe I'll send her an email.


ZLB said...

i love this. can i please come sometime?

T.R. said...

I'm afraid not. As the newsletter says, the SLAAC is no more. They held their last meeting in June and have gone on an indefinite hiatus because the directors are too worn out to have any more events.

eped said...

great post. this one and the bags too. I'm going to miss blogging.