Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A recent visit to Google Analytics reminded me that it is probably not wise to mention the name of the company I work for in a blog post. But I am back working for a certain therapeutic program. And they gave me a t-shirt to wear with one of the company slogans on the back. It says "Expect More".

Actually, that is terrible advice for most of the population that I work with.


jeremy said...

So, I thought it was funny that I just Googled 'swirly patterns' without thinking about it and your blog came up first. Seriously, though I'm looking for some royalty-free swirly vector graphics. Any ideas?

T.R. said...

Full circle.

Jeremy, I would love to help you if only I knew what a vector graphic is.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, sir.

T.R. said...

Say, speaking of google analytics, Zina wins the "most referrals to Swirly Patterns" award for this month.

ZLB said...

sweet! what's my prize?