Friday, March 05, 2010

Soda, Sap, Snails, Soap

Some more for what might become an "obscure DIY project" label for this blog.

1. As we saw on the post before, soda making.

2. Today I tapped the silverleaf maple in my mom's backyard. It turns out you can tap any kind of maple, not just sugar maple. But silverleaf tend to require a 60:1 sap-to-syrup ratio as opposed to the sugar maple's slightly less towering 40:1 ratio. Good thing this sap is being used for soda and not for syrup. If you want in on this, now is the time. Tapping season in Northern Utah only lasts until mid-April or so. Sorry there's no photos; I didn't have my camera. I used PVC pipe and a milk jug.

3. Heliciculture is this idea I got from my friend Jed. My mom isn't totally sold on turning our old sandbox into a snail colony, but its not quite spring yet and I think I piqued her interest. As part of research and development, Jed and I will naturally need to prepare several batches of escargot at home using various species of snails.

4. Soap making. I did this at Birch Creek Ranch where I worked last summer and it was great fun. Plus I need something to do with all of the organic cracked wheat left over from work. I don't like eating it, but it makes for a nice abrasive surface in a bar of soap.

5. Paper making. According to my friend Andrew, this is harder than the internet makes it sound.

I hope to get this out of my system this summer since I will likely be returning to school in the fall. If you want to sample any of the results of these projects, you should invite me to your birthday party or bring me some of your homemade suckers or something.


cate said...

I want some of Mom's Backyard Syrup to try. Cool TR.

T.R. said...

The backyard syrup was a failure. Um, that is, until next time.