Wednesday, July 21, 2010

43 things. (Buckets, etc. part 2)

43 things is far less self-indulgent than Esquire's 75 things.

1. Jump out of an airplane.
2. Live in Alaska.
3.See a wolf in the wild.
4. See a wolverine in the wild.
5. Have a Bigfoot, ghost, alien, chupacabras, skinwalker, or other mythical being encounter.
6. Get knocked out cold.
7. Publish a book.
8. Visit Asia.
9. Visit the Southern Hemisphere.
10. Be interviewed on TV or Radio as some sort of expert or witness.
11. Live abroad.
12. Have kids.
13. Get a graduate degree.
14. Bungee jump.
15. Do one or more years of humanitarian service abroad.
16. Raise llamas.
17. Keep Bees.
18. Find a meteorite.
19. Find a dinosaur fossil.
20. Skinny dip in the ocean.
21. Fast for 72 hours (drink only water).
22. Complete a summer triathlon.
23. Read a thick piece of Russian literature.
24. Read an entire non-children's book in Spanish.
25. Do a perfect flip and dive off a diving board.
26. Break 200 in bowling.
27. Run a marathon.
28. Win first place in a 5k for my age group.
29. Read an entire novel in a day.
30. Solo bear encounter.
31. Spend an entire day naked.
32. Save a drowning person.
33. Be on the news.
34. Win an eating contest.
35. Sell a piece of art or handicraft to a stranger.
36. Give something anonymously.
37. Be an extra in a movie shown in theaters.
38. Give a piece of life-changing advice.
39. Barefoot competitive 5k.
40. Write a letter to the editor that is published.
41. Go 24 hours without speaking.
42. Go to Burning Man.
43. Discover a new species.


eped said...

looking good. I mean coming right along, no? but come on, when did you ever jump out of an airplane. it has to be "in the air" you know. why was I not notified? or how could I have forgotten?

Amber said...

Love this list. I think I'll pattern my own bucket list after it, although maybe I'll have 44 things on mine and add at least 15 things I've already done to make me feel like I've accomplished something with my life. Just one question though-all day naked? really?

T.R. said...

Apparently I am more interesting than either of you realized.

I did jump out of plane into the air last week. I just hadn't told you yet. I was saving it for your birthday.

Amber, the opportunity presented itself and I seized it. In fact, I was paid for it.

T.R. said...

Okay, that sounded bad so let me clarify. While working for a certain wilderness program, I was assigned to camp by myself for an entire week and simply relay messages from our field staff to our office staff by way of CB radio and cell phones. Nobody can see you over a CB radio.

Also, one other thing, a lot of those things I added to my list simply because I had already done them and it would make me look accomplished.

Lindsey Hicks said...

You don't think you could count your mission as humanitarian service? When did you have the chance to spend the entire day naked? Were you cold?

Lindsey Hicks said...

My bad -- I see your explanation for the nudity. But again, were you cold? Did you feel extra vulnerable to bugs?

eped said...

(nobody tells me anything anymore)