Saturday, July 03, 2010

Biophobia II

The earth is our enemy, I was taught. Does it not bring forth noxious weeds to afflict and torment man?
-Hugh Nibley

I really hate this animal. The first time I saw it was in an otherwise spotless public restroom at the U of U. It sped into my stall as I sat helpless, my legs immobilized by the jeans crumpled around my ankles. Thinking quickly, I tapped one foot which scared it into changing its course. It headed toward a drain in the floor and disappeared.

That was at least three years ago. Then just last January I turned on the sink to wash some dishes and another one (or the same one?) raced out of my garbage disposal toward the plate I was holding. I turned on the faucet, then the garbage disposal.

A quick google search of things like "legs drain insect fast" and "scary sink bug" revealed that I was being terrorized by a scutigera coleoptrata, also known by its overly-endearing common name, the house centipede. One message board described it as a the Satan spawn of a spider and a centipede.

Not to be presumptuous or anything, but I really think that the creation of such an animal was a bit over-the-top.


Lindsey Hicks said...

Wow. I couldn't agree more. House Centipede is way to endearing of a name. I hope I never meet one.

Vicki with an "i" said...

I'm dying! Those things are all over in our basement aka: my room! I sprayed bug spray which will probably give me cancer, but it seems to have worked as advertised.

T.R. said...

some things are worth a little cancer. I don't know if its worth a big cancer though.

jo said...

Man, these things...

I mean, I'm a fan of bugs, but I draw the line. I totally agree with it's "over-the-top"ness.

And I'm totally curious about the "coleoptrata" portion of it's scientific name. Since when did this look anything like a beetle?

T.R. said...

or for that matter, since when did it look anything like an Egyptian princess of legendary beauty?