Friday, July 30, 2010

Two races

In 2005 (I believe) eped and I swore off paying other people for the privilege of running. Aid stations are nice, but its easy enough to hide some bottles of water yourself if its going to save you anywhere from $20 to $70. I've only broken that vow twice since then, once for the Blue Mountain Triathlon last year and once for the Splash and Dash Biathlon.

We've organized our own free races since then, including the Wasatch Plateau Marathon, the 4.01k, and the Masquerade Parade 5k. So its with some minor discomfort that I'll be paying for two events this fall.

The Dirty Dash 10k, from the looks of it, will be a messy steeplechase-type deal. I'm looking forward to it mostly for the "Surprise obstacle" in mile 5.
Sept. 25th. at Soldier Hollow. $35

The second one I'm doing it partly because my friend is the race director, and mostly because it is just a great idea: At The Night of the Running Dead 5k you show up and run from zombies, or register as a zombie, wait an extra minute at the starting line, and chase the normals. I don't know which one I'll be yet.
Oct. 9th at Pioneer Park. $15

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kel said...

both races sound way worth it. enjoy!