Sunday, January 23, 2011

Substitue Memories

I used to work as a substitute teacher sometimes. My favorite thing that would happen is when the teacher would leave a Bill Nye video for us to watch. My other favorite thing was when some gloomy-looking teen would wander into the room and say: "Awww, Shit. We got a sub." Then later say "Ugh. Are you a cool sub?"

I enjoyed few things more than slowly shaking my head in response. In case you don't speak Adolescent Pidgin, the question really means: Can I do whatever the hell I want?

Another nice surprise was when K-12 kids would think I was the coolest person ever. Some would even write me letters or draw me pictures.


Dear A____,

Thank you for your nice letter. I'm glad you liked my jokes. My favorite food is curry. My favorite cake is chocolate with chocolate. My favorite candy is dark chocolate with hot pepper. My favorite pet is also a dog.

I hope you have a good day,
Mr. Brooks