Friday, May 04, 2012


I haven't really told anyone about this, but one of my earliest memories is of East Canyon reservoir. I remember the pool at some place we were staying (Grandpa's condo?) and the shore of the reservoir. The trouble is that photographs of these places exist, and I don't know whether my memory comes from the place or from the photos.
In case of the latter, my earliest memories are of Connecticut. We lived there from when I was three until we left in 1990 to arrive in St. Louis on my eighth birthday.
Anyway, I'm going back there now. For another five years. Since 2008 I've been applying to graduate schools all over the country (except for the Midwest). Four years, twelve applications, and over 1,000 dollars later, I decided to give up. After two of three schools rejected me this last time, and UConn decided not to even get back to me, I figured I'd just apply to far less competitive (and unfunded) program here in town. As an afterthought, I sent an email to UConn asking why my application fee hadn't even bought me a rejection letter this time (but not in those words).
Actually, you got in, they said. We meant to tell you. Oopsie! Please still come, ok?
Ok, I said. Thanks.
My friend Allyson says there's a conference talk in there somewhere.
"The lesson was learned. Its often right when we give up that things finally work out. So give up sooner so that things will work out sooner." Elder T. Remington Brooks, Fake Quorum of the Seventy
By the time this whole thing is over, I will have lived more than 1/4 of my life in Connecticut. Maybe I'll start rounding my short 'a' again!